Our Products

Product Range

The best West Australian beef.

Harvey Beef supply a complete range of beef products including:

  • 100 day grain fed beef
  • MSA graded pasture fed beef
  • Selected Retail Beef lines
  • Angus verified beef
  • Yearling beef
  • Prime Steer & Steer beef
  • Selected *A* beef
  • Manufacturing beef
  • Beef offal products

Our experienced sales and marketing team are ready to assist you with all your enquiries including marketing plans to develop your business.

co products

Harvey Beef offers a complete range of co-products that are produced in accordance with export grade standards. Our co-product range includes:

  • Meat and bone meal
  • Tallow
  • Blood meal
  • Hides
  • Pharmaceutical lines

premium range

Hand-picked cuts of 100% Western Australian premium beef are selected for this classic range.

creations range

The best 100% Western Australian beef cuts are pre-marinated to create a simple and tasty dinnertime feast.