About Us

Pure Isolation & Beauty

Western Australia is one of the most remote and most pristine natural environments on earth, making it the perfect place to produce the best quality beef. We use sustainable farming methods to ensure consistently high quality beef from paddock to plate.

Our heritage

Head 140km down south from Perth and you’ll find the farming town of Harvey. Home to a sixth generation Western Australia family of born and bred cattle breeders, for nearly 100 years we’ve been raising a better class of cattle in a measured and sustainable way. And even as we’ve grown, to all parts of Western Australia and abroad, we’ve maintained our artisanal approach, attention to detail and unwavering focus on quality.


Harvey Beef is committed to ensuring that our operations are environmentally sustainable.

We demonstrate the highest standard of environmental performance that complies with or exceeds the relevant domestic and international environmental legislation. As a leading corporate citizen, we make environmental accountability a key priority.